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How do you tell that you are addicted to pornography? Generally, porn addiction has varying signs and symptoms depending on an individual.

Here are common signs and symptoms of porn addiction:

   Inability to stop watching or using porn materials
   Experiencing uncontrollable cravings to watch porn 
   Becoming irritable, hostile or angry when somebody asks you to stop watching or using porn materials.
   Keeping pornographic materials to use secretly.
   Continuing to watch porn even when you have suffered negative consequences
   Spending a lot of time watching porn
   Watching and booking adult entertainers to satisfy your craving


Porn addiction has different treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. Essentially, therapy focuses on more than pornography addiction. It also focuses on underlying issues like other mental illnesses, core beliefs and feelings. For instance, a person may be addicted to porn because they have been rejected or they dont have money to hire an Escort Backpage Vegas. In that case, a treatment plan is tailored to address such an issue in addition to porn addiction. 

Look at the hot Las Vegas Backpage Escorts for entertainment.

Men that dont have girlfriends or money to book companions tend to masturbate more often. Unfortunately, masturbating can toughen the penis skin thereby preventing it from enjoying or feeling the touch of a sexual partner. To restore penis sensitivity consider spending more time with your partner.

Treat Medical Conditions

If you have a condition like diabetes, have it treated or reversed first. Type 3 diabetes for instance can be managed with exercise, proper diabetes and some medications. If you have lost penis sensitivity due to this condition, you can restore it with its proper management.

Basically, its possible to restore the lost penis sensitivity with proper diet, habits, and management of medical conditions. With help of the right woman or Escort Backpage Vegas, you will slowly start enjoying the trilling sensation that comes with the touch of a sex partner naturally.

Masturbation is bad for men so hire Las Vegas Backpage Escorts and enjoy your sexual life.


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